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Fundamentals Study Day Talks


Here are the recorded talks from the 2 day SVT Fundamentals of vascular Ultrasound course. The course is  designed to give a basic overview of vascular ultrasound scans and physics. Suitable for trainees and anyone interested in vascular ultrasound. Topics to include: ultrasound physics, haemodynamics, vascular disease and vascular imaging techniques, taught as a series of lectures

Basic ultrasound physics - Jeny Anton

Doppler physics - Carl Tiivas

Haemodynamics - Matt Bartlett

Arterial Disease and Interventions - Miss S Sayed

Venous Disease and Interventions - Miss S Sayed

Peripheral arterial duplex scanning - Asif Dilshed

Carotid artery duplex scanning - Isaac Colliver

Peripheral vein duplex scanning - Michael Davis