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6. SVT Education Committee Update

Education Committee Update

Feb 2020

Heather Anderson – Education Committee Chair


STP Curriculum Review

The first 2 meetings have been very productive, with all in agreement that the curriculum needs to include the lower limb arterial and venous insufficiency scans.

The first year rotations will also look very different, with much less emphasis on specific competencies, and additional flexibility around time spent on rotations.

The new curriculum is now being written, the timeframe for initial completion is approximately 6 months. This will then be distributed for wider consultation.


Undergraduate (level 6 )degree/apprenticeship in Vascular Science

A conference call is due shortly to determine how the vascular content will fit in the current CVRS PTP model. 


Masters level (Level 7) Apprenticeships

No news re the approval of the standard, it has been put on hold as there were concerns that it represented so many different specialists’ titles. They are assuming that this will be resolved.


Level 4 HCS Apprenticeship

Unit credits are to be reviewed this year, the SVT will review content and learning outcomes to ensure that the unit credits reflect the learning hours required.


AVS Equivalence Process

Chairs of the SVT Executive, Research, Professional Standards and Education Committee are looking to engage with AHCS to enable exemption from areas of the Clinical Scientist equivalence mapping template covered by the AVS curriculum. First meeting still TBC. 


Addition of SVT Research Module into AVS Curriculum

SVT Research and Education committee will meet in April discuss the implementation of an SVT Research Module into the AVS curriculum. Aim is to support newly accredited vascular scientists in the AHCS equivalence process and HCPC Clinical Scientist register.