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6. Honorary Members

Welcome to the Honorary Members section.

Please see below our honorary members from 2018.

Tim Hartshorne - SVT Honorary Member

Tim Hartshorne has been a leader in the field of Vascular Ultrasound for over 30 years and has helped shape vascular ultrasound practice today.  In the mid 1980’s Tim, along with Abigail Thrush, started evaluating new Doppler imaging in their work at the Leicester Royal Infirmary.  In conjunction with Sir Peter Bell, a new Vascular Studies Unit (VSU) was established around 1988. Tim became Chief Clinical Vascular Scientist and has recently moved his whole VSU team into a brand new purpose-built VSU as part of the new ‘Leicester Vascular Institute’ at the Glenfield Hospital, University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust. The VSU has grown from strength to strength, establishing a high quality reputation in Vascular Ultrasound, and now employs 8 Clinical Vascular Scientists who have all benefited greatly from his expertise and leadership. 

Early collaboration within the UK saw Tim become a founding member of the first Committee of the SVT in 1992, and following the successful continuation of this new professional body, he was Newsletter Editor before being elected SVT President in 1995. Tim (and Abigail) continued to establish the best techniques for evaluating the vasculature using colour and spectral Doppler ultrasound techniques, and published the first Peripheral Vascular Ultrasound: How, Why and When, in 1999. This textbook was so useful it has become a standard for Vascular Ultrasound training and features on most reading lists for Vascular Ultrasound courses, with a 3rd edition published in 2010 and availability in many different languages! He has also written chapters in other leading ultrasound textbooks.  He has been invited to present at many National & International Meetings, including an extended visit to vascular departments in Australia. With the development of the SVT AVS exams Tim has put many members through their paces acting as an SVT practical examiner and teaching on SVT revision days.  His input to vascular ultrasound education also involved being part of the small expert working group writing the AHCS HSST curriculum, and sitting on the interview panel for the STP training scheme. Further developments of the standards for Vascular Ultrasound saw Tim co-writing the National Guidelines ‘Joint recommendations for reporting carotid ultrasound investigations in the United Kingdom’ 2009. 

Tim, already having significant experience involved with developing the Leicestershire AAA screening programme in 1996, became the Leicester QA lead, External Programme Assessor and National ultrasound expert advisor for the new AAA Screening programme (NAAASP) in 2007. With national debate existing around the measurement of aorta diameters, Tim published a paper ‘Ultrasound measurement of aortic diameter in a national screening programme, 2011 EJVES’, to add to his portfolio of published papers including carotid plaque Tissue Doppler Imaging with the Leicester Medical Physics research team.  He has recently retired from full time work in the Leicester VSU, however his on-going work with NAAASP has now seen him take up a new prestigious position of ‘NAAASP Imaging Lead’ where he will focus initially on updating guidance on the assessment of ultrasound image quality.

Theresa Fail – Honorary Member

Graduated in Applied Physics from the University of Bath and went on to train in Sheffield as a medical physics clinical scientist. She moved to The Queen Alexandra Hospital Portsmouth to set up the Vascular Studies and Clinical Measurement Department in 1997. During this time she was SVT President 2002 – 2003.  She spent many hours as on the Professional Standards Committee setting and building on the foundations of the Society of Vascular Technology.

Theresa developed an MSc programme in Vascular Ultrasound at Portsmouth University.  She was the Healthcare Science Advisor to the NHS Workforce Review Team for 5 years until 2010.  Theresa worked for the Department of Health as the professional lead for Modernising Scientific Careers.  A lady with many professional hats! Promoting our profession and raising its profile to the benefit of us all.

In 2011 Theresa moved to the new National School for Healthcare Sciences, Birmingham and is the Department of Health Scientific Advisor for the Vascular Science.

Theresa was appointed as the Science Professional Lead to the Department for Health for Cardio, Vascular, Respiratory and Sleep sciences. Theresa was responsible for developing the STP training programme for Clinical Scientists.  During this time she was also on the implementation team for the National Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening Programme and an advisor for the Consortium of Accreditation of Sonographic Education (CASE) council.  Theresa is part of the Improving Quality in Physiological Sciences (IQIPS) team, striving for high professional standards.

Theresa continued her clinical practice initially in Southampton and latterly at Salisbury where she continues to this day.  These are just some of Theresa’s many professional achievements. 

Theresa’s colleagues in Salisbury are very proud of her achievements. We are honoured to work alongside her, a very valued member of our team and member of the Society of Vascular Technology.  Many congratulations Theresa on this lifetime award of honorary membership of the Society of Vascular Technology.

Aside from all of Theresa’s amazing career achievements we hope that she continues to enjoy growing all manner of vegetables on her allotment, and that the Asparagus prospers more this year…hoping for portions for at least four people in 2019!  And finally Theresa we hope you have a great trip to New Zealand.

Susan Richards and  Linda Harris Salisbury Vascular Unit


Abigal Thrush– Honorary Member

Following her degree, Abigail worked in North Wales where she helped to set up a carotid duplex service and also completed an MSc in medical physics via Bangor University. She then moved to Leicester in the mid 1980’s and joined the medical physics department, working with Professor David Evans. She helped to set up the vascular studies unit. Whilst she was in Leicester, Abigail published a number of original research studies in Doppler ultrasound including work on intrinsic spectral broadening and its influence on the measurement of blood flow velocity. Abigail also co-authored a book on vascular ultrasound, where, why, and when and also contributed a number of chapters to Diagnostic Ultrasound, physics and equipment. Abigail moved to Barts and the Royal London hospital in the late 1990s where she helped to set up the vascular lab and continued her research work. She has prolific teaching career and lectures on ultrasound physics for a number of university courses, including the MSc course at Imperial in London, the STP MSc course in Salford Manchester and Derby University ultrasound courses. She more recently moved to Sheffield and works part time at Chesterfield Hospital. Abigail has served on the Professional Standards Committee of the SVT and was involved with drafting of standards for reporting carotid artery disease.