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6. SVT Spring Crossword





1. Arterial collateralised circle located in the brain.

11. A chronic venous condition that can occur after the development of a DVT.

12. The name given to the communicating vein that connects the lesser saphenous vein to the greater saphenous vein via the posterior thigh.

13. Carotid plaque morphology associated with increased risk of embolization.

14. Complete unilateral weakness.




2. Haemodynamic flow profile with parallel layers.

3. The syndrome named after a collection of rare inherited connective tissue disorders. Hint: the most common symptom of this syndrome is believed to be joint hypermobility.

4. The effect used to describe when the Doppler shift exceeds the Nyquist limit.

5. The spread of frequencies within a spectrum.

6. Pain felt in the legs upon exercise, relieved with rest.

7. A number, that if exceeds approximately 2000, is associated with the presence of turbulent flow.

8. The abbreviation given for musculoskeletal injuries obtained through repeated movement.

9. A quick and simple screening test for lower limb arterial disease.

10. A term to describe reverse flow in an artery.

11. Used to describe flow in the common femoral vein that is influenced by respiration.