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7. Professional Standards Committee Update

Dear membership,


The following is a brief update on recent and future Professional Standards Committee work


  • Recent additions to the Professional Standards committee section of the SVT website include:
  • A statement on venous nomenclature
  • Updated Professional performance guidelines 


  • There is also a new section on the SVT website dedicated to IQIPS:


Image result for transcranial doppler     Future work of the committee includes:

     Releasing a Transcranial Doppler reference guide:

    The document will provide an introduction to Transcranial Doppler (TCD), background to examination and diagnosing intracranial stenosis and current application of TCD.







A Quality Assurance 2-part Document:

The first part of the document will contain information on general quality assurance procedures. The second part will be a more specific document on what QA we can perform on our machines and why we should perform such QA.






The Professional standards committee welcomes any comments and suggestions from the membership on these documents or suggestions on what documents they would like to see on the website.