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8. Committee Vacancies


 Would you like to be more involved in the SVT?

The SVT relies on the good will and dedication of its members to support and promote the development of our profession. Although a relatively small professional group, we have always been extremely fortunate to attract new enthusiastic and willing volunteers every year to help run and influence our society. This continual cycle of refreshing our committees and working groups ensures that there is always an assortment of opinions, skills and knowledge leading our profession into the future.

SVT roles are wide and varied. At present we would like to invite any members interested in becoming member without portfolio for the Executive Committee or STP trainee representative on the Education committee. Typically members attend 3-4 meetings per year (expenses are paid). Being involved is interesting, great team work and a really fantastic opportunity to make new contacts and learn from colleagues. You will also be awarded CPD points for being on a committee.

For expression of interest and more information please email the following:

Member without portfolio: Lee Smith SVT President

STP training representative: Hannah Lines Chair of the Education Committee