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9. Executive Committee Vacancies

Would you like to be more involved in the SVT?


The SVT Committees are comprised of members who have volunteered their time to help the running of the Society. There are many difference roles available within the Committees. Offices on the Committees are normally held for two years, although sometimes there are exceptions to this.


The SVT Executive Committee is responsible for overseeing the work of the sub-committees and making decisions about the ongoing projects the Society is involved in. It holds four meetings a year and works with external bodies on national projects including: Department of Health, VSGBI, BMUS, IPEM, Institution of Physiological Sciences (IPS), Federation for Healthcare Scientists (FHCS), CF and Society of Radiographers (SoR). Officers of the Executive Committee are as follows:  President, Vice President, Past President, Treasurer, Secretary, Newsletter Editor, Conference Secretary, Membership Secretary, Chairs of the Research, Education and Professional Standards Committees, Website Secretary and Non-Portfolio.


We are presently looking for enthusiastic and willing volunteers to join the Executive Committee as Non-Portfolio members. This position will give members the opportunity to shadow Executive Officers with a view to taking on specific roles as they become available.  This is a really fantastic opportunity to make new contacts and learn from colleagues whilst leading our profession into the future.


Expressions of interest should be emailed to by December 4th 2020.