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7. CASE Representative Vacancy





Position Available : SVT CASE Representative

CASE is an organisation that exists to accredit sonographic courses delivered within the UK. CASE's philosophy is to promote best ultrasound practise through the accreditation of those training programmes that develop safe and competent ultrasound practitioners. The majority of its activities relate to supporting those Institutions that offer, or wish to offer, courses leading to an award in Medical or Clinical Ultrasound.

In addition to offering accreditation of new, and re-accreditation of established ultrasound education programmes, CASE undertakes annual monitoring of the courses it has accredited. The information obtained is fed back to the Institutions both on an individual basis and via the annual CASE report.


The Consortium is currently comprised of six Member Organisations who are responsible for the policy, strategy, governance and financial control of CASE.

Each Member Organisation nominates up to three of their own members to represent their interests on the CASE Committee. The Committee is responsible for implementing CASE policy and strategy as determined by the Consortium and the day to day operations including approving accreditations.

There is currently a position available as one of the SVT CASE representatives. If you are interested in this position please email