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2. The SVT and the National School of Healthcare Science - March 2019 Update

By Helena Edlin: Lead Vascular Scientist – Central Manchester and SVT rep on NSHCS


NSHCS Themed Board Meeting – 11th March 2019

Undergraduate (level 6 ) degree/apprenticeship in Vascular Science

Berne (Head of School) is keen to see the undergraduate degree/level 6 apprenticeship in Vascular Science develop and has suggested that the next step is for the NSHCS, AHCS, an interested HEI and the SVT to work together to write the curriculum.

Equivalence for HCPC registration

The Academy weren’t at the meeting but Berne suggested we organise a conference call with Jane Lynch from the AHCS to ascertain when the process will start with regards to accepting the SVT accreditation as evidence for the relevant aspects of the equivalence process.

NSHCS Restructure

There has been a huge restructure of the NSHCS over the past few months. Here are a few of the changes:

The professional lead roles for the STP no longer exist, the STP will now be headed by 2 Training Program Directors. One post has been filled with a Cardiac Scientist – Jane Lynch, the other post is yet to be filled.

The HSST Program Director is a lady called Lisa Ayres.

The undergraduate degree programs will be headed by Graham Wilson.

There are now 4 members to the curriculum team, ensuring the curriculum review can go ahead as promised.

STP Curriculum Review

The curriculum review is due to start, there has been a call for interested individuals to be the lead editor for each speciality. Hopefully this gets underway in the next few months.

Masters level (Level 7) Apprenticeships

Level 7 apprenticeship – Graham Wilson (at the NSHCS) is organising a trailblazer group to lobby for a HCS level 7 apprenticeship standard to be written/approved.

A trailblazer group needs representation from at least 3 HEI's and at least 10 employers for it to hold any weight in getting an apprenticeship standard through HEE.

STP training and assessment guidance

The NSHCS are working to create examples of what good competency evidence looks like, as well as what good training planning looks like. These will be available on the NSHCS website shortly.