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2. The SVT and the National School of Healthcare Science - Sept 2018 Update and A Grand day out interest article

By Helena Edlin: Lead Vascular Scientist – Central Manchester and SVT rep on NSHCS

Sept 2018


Discussions have started with the Academy for Health Care Science with regards to reviewing the SVT accreditation syllabus against the STP equivalence document. The aim of this is to hopefully ensure that this will automatically provide evidence for parts of the equivalence process. The SVT accredited members will then only need to provide evidence for the parts of the equivalence that SVT accreditation doesn’t cover.


Congratulations to those of you who passed the OSFA in July 2018.

Good luck to those re sitting this week.

Thanks to everyone who has helped assess, we couldn’t do it without you.


Level 4 HCS (diploma level) – 10 Manchester trainees will be starting their level 4 Healthcare Science apprenticeship next week at Macclesfield college. 2 of these students will be Vascular students and will be the first in the country to undertake the level 4 apprenticeship.

Level 6  - Vascular Science (undergraduate degree) – The SVT have submitted a business case to the Health Care Science Implementation Network Group (HCSING) for a meeting in November.  The HCSING will then decide if they will support the development of the level 6 vascular progamme.


Helena Edlin

Lead Vascular Scientist – Central Manchester

Apprenticeship Lead – SVT

Lead Station Writer - NSHCS


A Grand day out (not with Wallace and Grommit) - by Alan Ellison

I’ve been doing ultrasound for 33years, last 21 as vascular scientist with vast experience of scanning aortas even before taking up the vascular job. Part of my current job is Clinical Skills Trainer (CST) for SW peninsula NAAASP. Current standard operating procedures (SOPs) suggest CST should visit Techs in screening clinics to assess their performance at 3 monthly intervals. I also screen patients myself to avoid need for rescans due to non-visualisation. This is more important in subjects who would find it difficult to attend further appointments such as prisoners and those who live in remote areas. I accompany one of the techs to screening clinic in HMP Dartmoor annually, my attendance covers the SOP technician assessment requirement and virtually rules out the chance of ‘non vis’. Dartmoor clinics usually have a handful of 65 year olds but majority screened there are over 65 yr old self referrals as the medical centre actively encourage this. Dartmoor clinic visits invariably occur in mid November, weather is always wet, misty, cold and thoroughly miserable to make the visit to the stark prison even more miserable.

To my surprise and delight, the local screening programme manager asked if I would be happy to help with a screening clinic in another remote location, the Scilly Isles!! I jumped at the chance, clinic booked for 21st june, longest day of the year, blue skies and sunshine forecast. Got up at 5am, had breakfast and walked the dog before driving to Newquay airport for flight at 0900. Arrived in St Marys at 9.25, walked to the health centre to meet up with Rob Bode, the screening tech. Clinic of 12 men booked at 5min intervals started at 1030, finished by 12.00, fortunately no AAA detected, all fairly easy scans. Flight back booked for 5.10 pm so Rob and I had the afternoon to pack away the machine/have lunch/find pub/explore St Marys!

A very pleasant and interesting day.  The health centre seemed just like a typical mainland one, clerical, nursing and physio staff are all island residents, the GPs are a 3 month rotational post from practices in Cornwall. Also met a community nurse who had done a mornings work but only saw two patients, both on remote islands, most of her morning spent on a boat travelling between base and the islands, quite an eye opener regarding the challenge of healthcare in remote settings.

Any other vascular scientists out there do the same for local NAAASP services?

I’ve volunteered for the Scilly trip next year! Unfortunately you would need to be a CST in the local screening programme to be offered this grand day out!