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2. Covid-19 Useful Resources

Useful resources 

BMUS have issued some very good FAQs for Sonographers during the Covid-19 outbreak which is available on the SVT website following the link below:

Some important points from the information BMUS provided include:

  • Always wear appropriate PPE when scanning Covid +ve or suspected Covid +ve Patients (testing maybe required)
  • Limit the number of patients in the department at one time and limit/refuse visitors into the unit.
  • Only perform assessments on Covid +ve patients if clinically essential
  • Try to avoid Covid +ve patients coming to the department.
  • If a Covid-19 patient has to come to the department use a dedicated room and scan at the end of the day.
  • Full decontamination of the scan room and ultrasound machine must be done.
  • Ensure good social distancing at all times.
  • Consider cancelling non-urgent outpatient appointments.
  • Protect at risk colleagues (pregnant, underlying heath issues) from exposure.

Below are further links to other important resources you may consider reviewing on a daily basis due to the rapidly changing nature of the situation.


Personal Protective equipment (PPE)

Guidance regarding PPE is one of main talking points for health care workers during the corona virus outbreak. Does my trust have a sufficient supply? Am I wearing the correct PPE? How do I put it on and take it off safely?

Current guidelines from the NHS and Public health England are included below however this may differ from trust to trust so please consult your infection control team if you have any questions or worries about your health and safety at work.