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4. Reinstatement of SVT Practical Examinations

Reinstatement of SVT AVS Practical Examinations


From March 2020, the SVT practical examinations were suspended due to COVID19. As many vascular departments start to implement the ‘new normal’, the SVT have now re-instated the AVS practical examinations. 

The safety of staff, members and patients are our main priority and access to the SVT AVS practical exam will vary across the UK depending on local situations with COVID19.


 Practical examinations are now open to all new candidates to apply. 


The following conditions will have to be satisfied before the practical examination can take place:


1.      The host trust must sign a disclaimer assuming responsibility for the safety of their staff, patients and visiting examiners.


2.      The host department will have to ensure that patients selected as part of the AVS practical examination give full consent to take part in a clinical assessment.


3.      The external examiner will have to sign a disclaimer to confirm that they are satisfied that it is safe for them to travel to a host site to act as an external examiner, agreeing to adhere to all current COVID19 restrictions at the time of the practical exam.


 If you have any questions please contact the SVT practical exam officers at