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1. Vascular Societies ASM 2020 Survey

*urgent response needed*

The Vascular Society Council has been considering the options for the November 2020 ASM very carefully. We have a venue booked in Brighton and there is an exciting programme that is almost complete. However, the spectre of Covid-19 continues to loom large.

The options we considered include: a) postponing b) cancelling c) arranging a virtual meeting d) continuing with current plans in the hope that meetings of the ASM size will be acceptable (with social distancing) by November.  

 As we stand, we are committed to Manchester for November 2021 and there may be an option to postpone our current Brighton booking to November 2022. Not having any form of meeting does not sit well with us, and there is a lot of topical information that we think that you, as members, are hungry for and need, to practice safely in these challenging times. We are sure that it is important to come together, most likely virtually, to share experiences. We feel that there will be much to discuss by November, not least the impact the pandemic has had on vascular services and patients with increasing knowledge about thrombotic complications both venous and arterial. The VS the abstract submission portal is open with the deadline date of Sunday 5th July 2020. We would like to encourage members to continue submitting abstracts

On balance, we feel a live virtual meeting is the best option. The format is being explored, and include a meeting over 2 days, or 5 half day sessions due to the fatigue suffered sitting in front of screens. Whilst we accept that this will obviously not include all the traditional face-to-face networking opportunities and socialising normally enjoyed, we have to be realistic. Our partners, EBS have access to a very exciting web-based interactive platform and we are looking into that at the moment. 
No firm decisions have yet been made, but we wanted all members to understand what is being considered. We aim to make a final decision within the next 8 weeks in order that planning can then proceed to ensure we end up with the very best conference experience we can get under the current circumstances.


In the mean time could all SVT member please complete the survey below as soon as possible so that we are able to gather the societies consensus regarding the plans for this years ASM.


Survey - ?