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STP Equivalence Funding


SVTGBI Application for Equivalence Award Funding

The SVTGBI will make four awards of £350 per year to support AVS accredited members to apply for Academy of Healthcare Science (AHCS) equivalence to become a Clinical Scientist on the Healthcare Professions Council (HCPC) register.

To apply for this funding each applicant will prepare a piece of original work for submission to the Newsletter. This article submission could be research, an audit, case study or a departmental quality improvement project. The article should be no longer than 2000 words.

Newsletter submissions will be scored by a review panel made up of member(s) from all four committees of the SVT; Executive, Education, Research and Professional Standards, and the award will be made to the highest scoring applicant(s). If a candidate is unsuccessful in achieving the SVTGBI funding, they may wish to apply again in the future.

The applicant must ensure they meet eligibility criteria set by the AHCS for equivalence prior to applying for this funding for Equivalence Application for funding and must have current paid membership as an AVS member.

Please carefully read the further qualifying details listed below on the Equivalence Award Application form.

To qualify for the award applicants:

  • · Must be on the Clinical Physiologist register

  • · Must meet the criteria for AHCS equivalence

  • · Must submit a cover letter and CV to SVTGBI

  • · Must submit research/audit/case study, (2,000-word limit) to the SVTGBI Newsletter (


The successful applicant(s) work submission will be published in the Spring Newsletter.



STP Equivalence Funding