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Guidelines / Professional Issues / Service Specifications

One of the roles of the Professional Standards Committee is to produce example guidelines and protocols on matters relating to the professional and scientific aspects of Vascular Science.

The Society for Vascular Technology of Great Britain and Ireland (SVT) is pleased to make available a set of Professional Performance Guidelines (PPGs) for use by our members and the wider scientific community.


The recommendations contained in these PPGs do not indicate an exclusive course of action or standard of care. They do not replace the need for application of clinical judgment to each individual presentation, nor variations based on locality and facility type.The PPG resource is not intended to replace local department specific protocols and are designed to inform good clinical practice and not meant to be prescriptive. 


The PPGs are generally reviewed every three years in order to address change in clinical practice, evolving technologies and professional progression.

Any constructive comments should be sent to the Chair of the Professional Standard Committee and we will endeavour to address these at our quarterly meeting.


Please email the PSC at with any queries. Thank you




  1. Professional Performance Guidelines
  2. Professional Issues
  3. Service Specifications

Professional Performance Guidelines

Professional performance guidelines are a basic explaination of what should be included in various vascular ultrasound/physiology examinations.  They are similar to protocol documents produced by vascular ultrasound departments. 




ABPI Measurement

Guidelines on measuring ABPIs at rest and post exercise


Carotid Duplex

Guidelines for Carotid Duplex Assessment


Arterial Duplex Assessment

Guidelines for Lower and Upper limb Arterial Duplex assessment


Upper and Lower limb Venous Duplex: DVT

Guidelines for Upper and lower limb venous Duplex assessment for DVT


Lower limb Venous Duplex: Incompetence

Guidance for venous Duplex assessment for incompetence


Endovascular Aneurysm Repair

Endovascular Aneurysm Repair (EVAR) Duplex Ultrasound Examination


Giant Cell Arteritis Duplex

Resource is currently been update.

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Professional Issues


AHCS Good Scientific Practice


Ultrasound Equipment Quality Assurance

Guidelines on setting up a Quality Assurance Programme


SVT official statement on IQIPS Accreditation


Venous Nomenclature

Statement on venous nomenclature


Uncertainty Of Measurement PPG

Guidelines on Uncertainty Of Measurement PPG

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Service Specifications

Service specifications are aimed to give guidance to members setting up a vascular scanning service and to commissioners of services. This document details the main requirements to be considered when offering specific types of vascular scanning.



Service Specification

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