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The SVT is the primary professional society for those working in vascular ultrasound, offering support and educational opportunities to over 400 members.

Advantages of membership:


  • Opportunities for personal development through attending SVT Meetings and Study days (with discounted fees for SVT members).
  • Quarterly Newsletter with updates on professional issues.
  • Email notifications of important society business and new vacancies.


Membership Categories and Fees:


Ordinary Membership

New member - £50

Renewal - £40

This is open to all persons whose primary skill is non-invasive vascular investigations. This may be in a clinical setting or educational role. This includes Clinical Vascular Scientists and Trainee Clinical Vascular Scientists, Sonographers, Research Nurses and Clinical Scientists. Ordinary members have the right to vote and accredited members hold elected office.


Associate Membership

New member - £50

Renewal - £40

This is open to all persons interested in the field of Vascular Technology but who are not directly involved in non-invasive vascular investigations. This may include groups such as Surgeons, Radiologists and Company Representatives. We also invite interested members from overseas to become Associate members. Associate members may not vote or hold office, but will otherwise enjoy the same rights and privileges as ordinary members.


Special Interest Group

New member - £50

Renewal - £40

This is open to anyone working within a specific area of vascular ultrasound. This category welcomes members such as those working within the National Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening Programme, or vascular nurses performing venous access fistulae scanning.

Special Interest Group members have the same rights and privileges as Associate members.


Joining the SVT

If you wish to become a member of the SVT please click here for details of how to apply


Membership Renewal

Membership must be renewed annually on the anniversary of joining the society. For full details on how to renew membership please click here.


Please contact the Membership Secretary, if you have any general queries regarding your membership.