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Maintaining AVS Registration

All members wishing to maintain their AVS status must meet the following conditions:


  • Condition 1 - be a current paid-up Ordinary Member of the SVT.
  • Condition 2 - maintain clinical competency in each of the 3 core duplex modalities and keep appropriate records
  • Condition 3 - accrue a total of 30 CPD points summed from the previous 3 years.


These conditions must be met by the 31st August each year irrespective of award date. 


Access to your personal CPD record is now available on the SVT website for updating throughout the year. Data entry requires use of drop down menus with the relevant points for each activity given. The total year's points should be entered before the end of August each year.


Please note that it is the personal responsibility of each registered AVS to keep records of their CPD activity and clinical activity. Each year the SVT will randomly select 10% of AVS for a detailed inspection of CPD and clinical activity. Failure to satisfy the audit will result in loss of AVS status. Any queries about cpd, please contact the CPD coordinators


Lapsed AVS

If conditions 1 to 3 or not met before the end of September then AVS status will be "lapsed"  and a £100 reinstatement fee will be required if conditions 1 to 3 are met by the end of December.


If conditions 1 to 3 are not met by the end of December then AVS status will remain lapsed, until Conditions 1 to 3 are met and an individually designed CPD remedial programme is successfully completed. Reinstatement will incur a fee of £250.


If AVS status remains lapsed for 5 years or more, both the theory and practical exams will have to be retaken and all conditions met before AVS can be reinstated. Advice should be sought from the Education Committee.


Application form for retaking the practical exam can be downloaded here.




Reflective CPD Activity Form


Clinical Activity Summary Sheet