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GCA Study Day On-Demand Content

14th Feb to 13th Mar 2024

14th Febuary - 13th March

In September 2023 the SVT ran a face to face GCA Study Day. During this study day the key note lectures were recorded. We are making these talks available as an On-Demand feature for 1 month. Register below and you will have access to all the talks from 14th Februaury to 13th March. 

The following talks will be available to you

Vasculitis and GCA in Clinical Practice; Diagnosis to Treatment, Dr Shahir Hamdulay, Consultant in Rheumatology and General Internal Medicine, London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust

Temporal artery biopsy – Surgeon’s perspective, Mr Mojahid Najem, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Bedford Hospital NHS Trust

Discussion: Setting up a New Service led by Dr Nazia Saeed, 

Live demonstration: Duplex assessment for GCA with multi-disciplinary panel

Duplex assessment of GCA; Rheumatologist perspective, Dr Qasim Akram, Consultant Rheumatologist, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

Duplex assessment of GCA: Vascular Scientist perspective, Dr Nazia Saeed, Senior Clinical Vascular Scientist, London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust






Access will be provided through your confirmation email. If this does not make it through your firewall, please email Please allow 4 working days for your access email to arrive. 

Registration for access to these talks will be available until 29th Februaury 2024. 

Access to the talks ends on 13th March 2024.

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