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SVT Research Grant Applications 2024

4th Mar 2024

Dear Members,

The SVT Research Committee is pleased to announce that the 2024 SVT Research grants window is now open. There are two research grants available:

1) The Writing Grant Award:

Applying for research grants is very time-consuming. We would like to address this, at least in part, by providing the Grant Writing Award.

This will be to a maximum of £500 that we envisage will allow departments to backfill staff or free members from clinical duties for a temporary period, enabling them to have the space to formulate and write a research grant application.

2) The Research / Innovation Award

The Research/Innovation award is to enable Vascular Scientists conduct small-scale studies such as pilot or feasibility studies, with the hope that larger grants will be applied for at a later date.

There is a total of £10,000 available per year, with a maximum of £4,000 per award. We operate a top down funding approach, so the best applications will get the full amount. 

Application forms and guidance for these research grants can be found on our website or by clicking here.

Please email our Grants Secretary with any questions and/or to submit any application forms on

Deadline: Friday 31st May 2024

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