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Professional Registration

We are currently looking at membership categories. The SVT implemented an accreditation process in its early days that ensures the achievement and maintenance of high standards of diagnostic vascular investigations. There are currently 263 accredited vascular scientists. There is evidence that some persons without accreditation have claimed that by being an ordinary member of SVT they are fully qualified and accredited and have therefore misrepresented themselves. We are therefore looking at re-defining the categories to make it is obvious as possible when someone possesses full accreditation. Any accredited member who fails to keep up their continuing professional development will be removed from the register. We are encouraging locum agencies and employers to carefully check the status of new employees.



In the absence of a single definitive register four registers exist which SVT members can be part of:


  • SVT: keeps a voluntary register for accredited Vascular Scientists which is searchable through the SVT website. 


  • HCPC: Vascular scientists who have completed their STP training (see above) can apply for HCPC registration as a Clinical Scientist. Some vascular scientists came to the profession as existing Clinical Scientists & are on the register. Other vascular scientists can apply through the “equivalence” process for the title Clinical Scientist. The Academy for Healthcare Science (the healthcare science equivalent of the Medical Royal Colleges) is working with SVT to use some of the work done to achieve AVS to replace some of the elements required to achieve equivalence.  Clinical Scientist is a protected title.


  • RCCP (Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists): a voluntary registration scheme which comes with an assurance that registrants have the highest standards of education and training and that no serious concerns have been raised with us about their work.


  • AHCS (Academy for Healthcare Science): keeps a register for healthcare science workers (including Clinical Physiology) not covered by statute by the HCPC.




Vascular Scanning by non-SVT members

There are sonographers and others who are not involved with SVT who perform some vascular scans in the UK. We need to be realistic that these people are practising and help them to engage with the high standards that SVT espouse. It is hoped that a new associate membership category will bring such people into the SVT fold in some associate capacity. This would give them access to the latest protocols produced by the SVT’s Professional Standards Committee in a relationship which will benefit them, the Society and patients by helping to improve standards and ensure improved consistency.