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3. Healthcare Science Level 4 and Level 2 Training Courses





The course Level 4

This qualification is for staff that are working in the healthcare sector at either a band 2 or 3 and want to progress to band 4 when the opportunity arises, or those who have just joined the NHS at these grades. On completion of this qualification students can move to the level 6 apprenticeship qualification to gain a degree.

The course consists of one day a week attendance at Macclesfield College and completion of a range of academic study alongside gaining evidence from the work-based setting.

Or alternatively this can be delivered remotely using a range of interactive resources for students that travel to college would be too difficult. Tutor/student session would also be arranged with the tutor visiting the student once every 8 weeks to deliver the content in their place of work.

Reviews in conjunction with students’ manager are conducted every 8 weeks to monitor progress and formulate action plans to guide the student through the qualification


Entry Qualifications

There are no official entry requirements but because of the level and amount of work required for this qualification it would ideally suit people who have GCSE’s or higher qualifications. However, it would also suit people who have experience in the industry. If you do not have maths or English to a level 2 standard this will be completed during your two year programme.


Internal Assessment

The units in this qualification are assessed through an internally and externally quality-assured portfolio of evidence made up of evidence gathered during the course of the learner’s work.


Each unit has specified learning outcomes and assessment criteria. To pass each unit the learner must:

• achieve all the specified learning outcomes

• satisfy all the assessment criteria by providing sufficient and valid evidence for each criterion

• prove that the evidence is their own.


The learner must have an assessment record that identifies the assessment criteria that have been met. This is all achieved through an on-line portfolio.


It is important that the evidence provided meets the assessment criteria for the unit and learning outcomes, and is:






relevant to the standards for which competence is claimedproduced by the learner sufficiently recent to create confidence that the same skill, understanding or knowledge persist at the time of the claim indicates that the learner can consistently perform at this level fully meets the requirements of the standards.


This is a 2 year course which will comprise of different units to the total value of >100 credits


Mandatory units 37 credits


Total credits 101


LEVEL 2 Healthcare Science

This is a one year course and is aimed at people new to the vascular department or who need to develop their academic skills before moving on to the level 4 programme. It has 5 compulsory units and a range of optional units.

Mandatory units 14 credits








Optional units 26 credits (this is just an example. Other units are available)















This course can also be delivered remotely but with contact every 8 weeks in work place, otherwise it will require attendance at Macclesfield College one day a week

If you require further information or assistance in applying please contact Ruth Smith (