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2. SVT Register of Accreditation

In 2017 the SVT introduced a voluntary register of accreditation where members could choose to be included in an online register of accredited scientists. This register enabled anyone who visits the SVT website to type a name into a field and search to see if the individual entered is an SVT accredited vascular scientist.

The SVT executive committee has made the decision to change this register from voluntary to compulsory. This means all members who have gained accreditation with the SVT will automatically be included on the register.

The decision to make the register compulsory was made by the executive committee on the basis that the information is in the legitimate interest of the members or a third party. In accordance with GDPR regulations the SVT privacy policy has been updated to include this information and is available to view on the SVT website.

The compulsory register in now live.


Lee Smith

President Society for Vascular Technology of GB&I