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Charity Update: Annabelle's Challenge


5 Vascular Scientists at Addenbrookes hospital ran the Cambridge Half Marathon and successfully raised £1900 for the charity Annabelle’s Challenge.


Annabelle’s Challenge is small charity that was specifically set up to improve the lives of patients with the rare condition Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (VEDS). 

The rare genetic condition causes collagen defects and results in various symptoms which include thin, translucent skin, easy bruising and fragile arteries. Vascular scientists most common interaction with these patients will be when assessing rapid growth in peripheral aneurysms. As a result of the high risk of rapidly growing aneurysms, individuals with this condition unfortunately have an average life expectancy of approximately 48 years.

The staff at Addenbrookes were inspired after an extended bout of inpatient and outpatient appointments with an extremely kind, warm and considerate VEDS patient who presented with rapidly growing Axillary, Ulnar and Radial artery aneurysms.  

If anyone wishes to contribute any donations to this cause then the JustGiving link can be found below. 

The Addenbrookes Vascular Team Running for Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Pictured from left to right; Ryan Ward, Isy Softley, Harry Knight and Laura Scott. Missing was Mathew Slater.