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The SVT is the primary professional society for those working in vascular ultrasound, offering support and educational opportunities to over 400 members.

Advantages of membership:

  • Opportunities for personal development through attending SVT Meetings and Study days (with discounted fees for SVT members).
  • Quarterly Newsletter with updates on professional issues.
  • Email notifications of important society business and new vacancies.

Membership Categories and Fees:

SVT Accredited Membership:

New member - £50
Renewal - £40

These members are all persons who have gained and maintained accreditation as a clinical vascular scientist with the SVT and whose primary responsibilities include non-invasive vascular investigations, including those persons who have proceeded to a supervisory and/or educational role.

Accredited membership allow the member if eligible to hold office on the Executive Committee and to vote. Accredited Members are also included in a MANDATORY register which will show up to date accreditation. This information will be available through the SVT website to any interested party including non-members

Ordinary Membership

New member - £50
Renewal - £40

These members are all SVT trainees and STP Graduates without additional AVS whose primary responsibilities include non-invasive vascular investigations.
Ordinary membership allow the member if eligible to hold office on the Executive Committee and to vote.

Associate Membership

New member - £50
Renewal - £40

These members are interested persons for example, surgeons, radiologists, screening technicians and sonographers etc whose main profession may not be vascular science but who take an interest or perform some non-invasive vascular investigations. These can also be all overseas members except those working outside the UK under their AVS qualification who will remain as Accredited members. Associate membership does not allow the member to hold office on the Executive Committee, nor vote, or obtain Indemnity Insurance through SOR but allows otherwise the member to enjoy the same rights and privileges as Accredited members.

Honorary Members

These members are persons whom the Committee select in recognition of that person's contribution and support to the Society. Nominations for Honorary membership are passed following a vote by Executive committee members in which all committee members must agree.

Joining the SVT

If you wish to become a member of the SVT please click here for details of how to apply

Membership Renewal

Membership must be renewed annually on the anniversary of joining the society. For full details on how to renew membership please click here.

Lapsed membership/Re-joining process


If you are a non-accredited previous member of the SVT and you would like to re start your membership, please email the membership secretary on and pay the new joining fee of £50. 

The membership secretary will re-activate your account once the fees have been paid, which will be instant via World pay. 


If you are an accredited vascular scientist (AVS) please also contact the CPD team at if you wish to discuss reinstatement of your AVS once your membership has been renewed

Please contact the Membership Secretary, if you have any general queries regarding your membership.

Voluntary Donation to Circulation Foundation 

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