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What is CPD?  

Continuing professional development (CPD) is an important part of continuing registration as an AVS and is required to ensure that all registered Vascular Scientists continue to develop their knowledge and skills throughout their career. 

Why is it important?  

Vascular Science is an ever evolving field and it’s important that practising AVS keep up to date with developments whilst also contributing to the field. 

How do I collect CPD? 

There are a wide variety of activities which can attract CPD points. We no longer publish a comprehensive list, but have a look at the drop-down menu on your CPD locker for ideas. If you are not sure whether an activity is worth CPD points please contact us via the website contact form or email: 

How do I record CPD? 

All CPD records are kept in your online CPD locker. This can be found in the top right-hand side of the SVT Website after you have logged in as a member. Use the drop-down menu to select the activity you wish to claim for. If your activity is not listed tick the box and you can free-type a pending submission which will be approved by the CPD Team. Please provide sufficient evidence for each CPD activity and a reflection.  

What Happens When I am a Newly Accredited AVS

When you pass your practical exam and become an accredited Vascular Scientist you will receive an email from the CPD team. Activities completed during your training period don’t count towards maintaining your registration and you will need to start accruing points from the date you qualify. We will ask you to upload 3 separate CPD submissions to your locker to allow us to allocate pre-AVS points.  

What are the Exceptions and Exemptions?

Exceptions and exemptions in the form of allocated points may apply due to maternity leave, long term sick leave or career breaks for up to 1 year. Please contact the CPD coordinator for advice as applications are considered on an individual basis ( 

I’ve been called for CPD Audit – what do I need to do? 

Now that everything is online being included in the audit is not a hassle if you have kept up to date with documenting your CPD. Make sure that you have more than 30points over the last three membership years on your locker and make sure that each of your submissions has sufficient evidence and a reflection. You then just need to fill out the clinical activity sheet and have this signed by your line manager and a vascular surgeon.   

The CPD activity I wish to submit is not included on the list of options? 

Select the “The activity I want to record is not listed” and free-type the title of your submission. This will come through to us as a pending submission to be approved. Please upload sufficient information in order for us to allocate points as appropriate. 

My submission is from last year but the calendar won’t go back that far-can I change the date on my submission? 

If you ignore the calendar function, you can free type the date into the box. Otherwise email us after you submitted your CPD and we can change this for you. 

I attended the SVT AGM and haven’t received my certificate?

The certificates for the conference are distributed by the Vascular Society who organise the administration of the AGM. You can contact them on:

I have recently come back from Maternity Leave – is this worth points?

Yes, you are entitled to 10 points per annum during your maternity leave and also during long term sick. Please forward us an email confirmation of your dates from your manager and attach this to a submission on your CPD locker. If your time away from work spanned two membership years then please make two submissions so we can distribute the points evenly.

I am struggling to gain CPD points- what can I do?

There are lots of activities that can earn you CPD points. The online CPD questions on the SVT website will get you 8 points a year. You can also do up to 5 e-learning courses each worth 1 point. You can find these courses, some relevant to vascular, on E-learning for Health. Other options include submitting an article for the SVT Newsletter or writing a reflective piece about a project or service improvement project in your area.

Why does my name not appear on the AVS register?

Unfortunately, some members with middle names on their account or with double-barrelled names don’t appear on the register search function. We have contacted the website team to get this fixed. In the meantime, email us and we can confirm your accreditation. You can also find a yearly certificate in your locker under “My Certificates” on your locker, which will prove your current continued registration.

How many scans do I need to complete to maintain competency in each of the 4 core modalities?

There is no longer a minimum number of scans to maintain your AVS, however if you are audited then you must complete a clinical activity sheet and have this signed off by your line manager and a Consultant Vascular Surgeon to attest your continued competence.

Any other questions please contact