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The AVS Accreditation Process

What is an Accredited Vascular Scientist (AVS)?

The SVTGBI have offered an accreditation scheme for those practicing vascular ultrasound since 1994. It is a globally renowned qualification which demonstrates individuals have a minimum of 3 years clinical experience, a high level of theoretical knowledge, have performed an extensive portfolio of over 2000 scans and an in-depth practical assessment of skills. All AVS members are then required to maintain their knowledge and skills through a continued professional development system.

All AVS members are searchable on the AVS Register (

How does the process work?

There are many different routes of training for vascular scientists and the AVS award is designed to fit into your training.

Once you have joined the SVT as an ordinary member you can apply to take your theory exams (Vascular Technology and Physics, Haemodynamic and Instrumentation) and begin working towards your minimum scan numbers required.

Once you have passed both theory exams, have completed 3 years minimum clinical experience and have obtained your minimum scan numbers you can apply to sit your practical exam final assessment.

How long does it take?

The minimum period of clinical experience required to take your final practical assessment is 3 years full time. Typically most trainees take between 3-5 years to obtain their AVS award.

What happens once I have gained my AVS?

Once you have been awarded your AVS you are entitled to use the term “Accredited Vascular Scientist (AVS)” and will appear on the AVS searchable register. You will need to maintain your status by remaining a current member of SVTGBI, maintain your clinical competency in 3 core modalities and complete continued professional development (CPD) activities. Click here for more information about CPD

Why become AVS?

The benefit of holding the AVS qualification is that you have been shown to possess a very high level of skills and knowledge within vascular ultrasound. It demonstrates to potential employers that you have a large amount of relevant clinical experience and have carried out a wide range of complex ultrasound scans including all the major modalities and have maintained a rigorous CPD program.

Nearly all current job adverts for Vascular Scientist posts within the UK include AVS as essential or desirable in their personal specification criteria