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Members who have successfully completed the SVT Theory Exams and Practical Assessment will be awarded the title of an Accredited Vascular Scientist (AVS). Like many forms of accreditation or registration, there are certain conditions that must be met to maintain this status: 

  1. Membership
    • Annual renewal of membership with the SVT.
  2. Clinical Competency 
    • Maintain clinical competency in the three core modalities: Carotid Duplex, Peripheral Arterial Duplex and Peripheral Venous Duplex.
  3. Maintain an online CPD locker 
    • Members must accrue a minimum of 30 CPD points as a rolling average over any 3 membership years e.g., 1st of September 2019 – 31st of August 2022. Submissions must be supported by appropriate evidence and include a reflection on the activity.  
  4. The AVS register
    • It is mandatory that all AVS are included on the online publicly available AVS register.