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Theory Exam FAQs

Who can take the exams?

  • Anyone who is an ordinary member of the SVT
  • Clinical vascular scientists aspiring for AVS
  • Vascular researches, nurses, surgeons etc who want to test their theoretical knowledge

When can I take the exam?

It is now possible to take the exam at any point throughout the year, to allow you flexibility to fit in around your training. However, once you have registered to sit a theory exam, it needs to be sat within 90 days of registration.

Where can I take the exam?

The exams are taken electronically via two options:

Option 1: the exams can be taken at number of Pearson Vue Centres located around the UK: London, Belfast, Crawley, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Reading, Salford (Manchester), Sutton Coldfield (Midlands), Watford and Dublin (New Horizons Test Centre). Please be aware that the slots at the Pearson Vue centres fill up on a first come first served basis (they host examinations for many different professional bodies) and therefore you may not receive your first choice appointment time or location.

Option 2: it is now possible to take the exam anywhere from a PC (at home/work) via an online proctoring system preventing the need to travel to a test centre. This is a secure online proctored system which ensures you can complete the exam in a similar way to the way you would in a test centre environment.

How much is the exam?

The cost is £125 for each exam taken. You must be a current member of the SVT in order to take these exams.

How do I register for the exam?

Use the following link for further information and to register for an exam:

How can I prepare prior to the exam?

  • Revise using the supporting documents: syllabus, recommend reading list, attend a revision day
  • Please review the instructions given regarding system requirements and the exam taking process on the ARDMS website.

Additional requirements?

Anyone requiring additional examination time should contact the SVT theory examination officer in advance of their application through ARDMS. Contact details are provided below. You will be required to provide documentation/evidence of your needs for extra time to complete the examination.

How to reschedule an exam?

To reschedule the date and time of your examination during your eligibility period, contact Pearson VUE at 1-877-258-9220 (0800-731-9905 in the UK and 1-800-552131 in Ireland) at least 96 hours prior to the scheduled examination date and time.

Cancelling an exam?

To cancel an examination appointment, you must contact Pearson VUE 0800-731-9905 in the UK and 1-800-552131 in Ireland at least 96 hours prior to the scheduled examination date and time. You will receive a cancellation email from Pearson VUE. Refunds will not be granted for any reason. Questions regarding the refund policy should be directed to

Need an exam extension?

If you need more time and cannot schedule your examination within the 90-day eligibility period, you can request a one-time 60-day extension for the examination. You must request this extension at least 96 hours prior to the last date of the eligibility period.

To request an extension:

  1. Log in to your MY ARDMS account.
  2. Visit “My Examination/Application Status” under “Application Centre.”
  3. Select the examination you wish to extend.
  4. Complete and submit form.

If you have a scheduled examination appointment, you must contact Pearson VUE at 1-877-258-9220 (0800-731-9905 in the UK and 1-800-552131 in Ireland) at least 96 hours prior to the scheduled examination date and time and notify them that you are cancelling your scheduled appointment before you complete the steps above to request an extension.

What to expect in the exam?

If taking the exam via the online proctoring system you should have a clean desktop and you can’t have books, notepads, papers, pens/pencils, or any other writing instruments within arm’s reach.

For both options: There is a digital whiteboard feature available within the online examination which can be used for making notes/working out.

Each theory exams lasts 2 hours and consists of 100 multiple choice questions.

Exam Scoring

You will receive your score reports immediately after completion of the exam. The primary test result will be a PASS or FAIL decision. In addition, you will receive a scaled score, ranging from 300 to 700. A scaled score of 555 is required to pass both theory examinations.

The scaled score is not a percentage of correct answers, nor is it built on a "curve" where a certain percentage of scores would pass and a certain percentage would fail.

A successful pass in a theory exam is valid for 5 years if then wanting to go on to apply for the practical exam. There is possibility of extending this validity due to extenuating circumstances. For example, maternity leave may be added on to the 5 year period up to a maximum of 1 year. Evidence will need to be provided. This would need to be discussed with the practical exam officers: 

What do I do if I fail the exam? 

You can take the exam as many times as you would like, but if you wish to retake you must wait a minimum of 3 calendar months after your failed exam before sitting your next exam. 

Further Questions? 

If you have any general queries regarding the exams please contact:  

Or for specific exam queries: